Thursday, 29 September 2011

Guys.... There's so much about them. They are, oh! so different. Short, tall, blond, dark.... personally I like the manly type. Oh yes. You know, strong, hairy and gorgeous ones!  
Like I said before... guys, well I never got along with them, I guess it had something to do with the fact that i was like EXTREMELY shy. And all of the sudden 5 guys ask me out the same day! Now... how did THAT happen? I just can't help but to laugh...! Well, I must say it is no miracle, or maybe it is.. I got to admit I had  some chit-chat with Saint Anthony... And I do not doubt he has helped  me ;)
But, it's also true that ever since I started doing yoga, things have been a lot different. Everything is prettier, and  every day at least one good thing happens! Ok... I've also got to say that... maybe it has to do with myself. Yes. Maybe... back then things were also pretty, and good things happened to me everyday, but did I see them? No. No, I didn't... It's all about being open to life, for life... with life. Have no expectations and enjoy everything at it's moment. Yes, that's the difference. Being happy with yourself. 
Now... let me tell you something, back then when I felt ugly... alone... and all those kind of things, I heard people say "Be happy, and the world is better", no offense but, I didn't believe that... now I do.
It's not like saying "I want to be happy" and BOOM! You're happy... it's more like a process... and there are no steps to that process. It's like an automatic thing, you only have to want it, and be open to it. It doesn't really matter what "IT" is... it's just "it"... a thing inside us that wants something better. Be in peace with yourself, and everything will fall into place.
Stop trying to find and use a life-manual. It doesn't exist, and if you find it, it doesn't work.

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