Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hi there :)

October 23rd
Ok... so I've been asked out by this guy I REALLY REALLY like. Like, REALLLY!!!!!!!!!!
Mhm, I'm just afraid he'll forget about me or something, because he said we'll meet next week because he has like tons of work to do! I don't like to wait, because I fill my head with all this stupid ideas, but the REAL problem is... I'm afraid he'll stand me up just like the other guy..
I'm not sure what I should do until he calls me (next week maybe.. I don't know when or if he'll call me..!)
But,  I think I should just take it a  step at a time, and enjoy the fact that the guy I like, has asked me out... Because that must mean he likes me or something.. right??

October 27th

I've seen HIM 2 times this week, I know it doesn't sound like it's a LOT, but believe me, IT IS. I haven't seen him since summer and all of the sudden I started meeting him...! Some say it's the POWER of my MIND.  An I'm not sure if I believe THAT, but it is true that I have "decided" I wanted to see him and BOOM, I saw him, and we had a little chit-chat.

What have I learnt this week? I'm not sure haha.  I just have this PEACE within me.
I saw yesterday the guy that stood me up, I even hugged him when I saw him and said hello, he was kinda confused. But I was ok with the situation, I thought I would be sooo angry when I saw him again, but NO. I just didn't care... Of course I would NEVER ever even think about going out with him ever ever again! But I wasn't mad, or upset, or sad... or anything. It felt good.

On the other hand, I don't want to loose hope in guys or love, but I'm starting to take things more calmly. It might work, plus it feels good. I finally understood that thing really DO happen when they should and because they should, so their is REALLY no use in rushing anything.


Of course, I still have that little BUG in my head saying "Go make something happen, you LIKE him! DO something", but I want HIM to be the one to do something for a change, and then again things will happen when they should. Meanwhile I'll keep myself open for what it will come :)

And I'll listen to this playlist:

If This Was A Movie Taylor Swift
You got me                       Colbie Caillat
Today Was A Fairytale       Taylor Swift
Sparks Fly                          Taylor Swift
Jump Then Fall                    Taylor Swift
Fallin' For You                  Colbie Caillat
Superstar                          Taylor Swift
One In This World            Haylie Duff
Love Story                       Taylor Swift
Your Anything                   Taylor Swift
You Belong With Me        Taylor Swift
Fearless                            Taylor Swift
What if                            Colbie Caillat
Bubbly                            Colbie Caillat
Singled Out                     A*Teens
Daydream                      Miranda Cosgrove
Half of My Heart           John Mayer
Hip To My Heart      The Band Perry
Untouchable                Taylor Swift
Things I'll Never Say    Avril Lavigne

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Things I've learnt this week (YES, only this week...)

  1. I have mastered the art of BEING asked out! Going out? Not so much, but hey it's got to mean something right? I mean,  many guys flirt with me... sadly some have girlfriends and I don't like that. But still, I've been asked to go out a LOT lately... But sometimes I DON'T want to go out with them, and others.. when I ACTUALLY want to go out, something happens and we just can't seem to be able to go OUT!
  2. Guys lie. I don't now if it is on purpose, but they do... or they SIMPLY forget we where supposed to meet.
  3. Guys LOVE smiley and flirty girls!!! Are you scared... to walk to a guy and say "HI"? You shouldn't!! They love it when you do a little chit-chat with them ;) GO FOR IT! 
  4. Don't take the lead!...  I mean.. don't ask him out LET him do all the HARD work! That doesn't mean you shouldn't suggest him he should do all the work.. Because you TOTALLY should!! You know... go talk to him, touch him ;)... make him like you and WAIT. He'll ask you out :)
  5. Don't loose hope, just enjoy the moment. He'll come... I don't know when but he's gotta!
  6. Don't make yourself feel bad, just DON'T. Don't start daydreaming about EVERYTHING that could go wrong! Think about the good things that HAVE happened. 
  8. Don't take guys too seriously, because if you do you might end up hurt. And it will be your fault, because you let them get to you.
  9. I have punished me for sooo long because I don't have a boyfriend. I didn't let myself enjoy each time a  guy asked me out or looked at me or winked an eye. Because I thought it wasn't for real, because I HAD to  have made that up!... I didn't let myself dance to a love song, because I thought I would be disappointed. 
  10. I think I'll give myself a chance to enjoy, not just flirting, but also believing that THIS guy that gives me butterflies when I'm near him, actually likes me back, and something GOOD might happen.
  12. I am HAPPY. I am pretty, and I like myself. And I think it shows.
  13. I'm going to take a chance, and I wont say and repeat what I always say.... "It's ok, if nothing happens between you two, you'll be alright. It won't kill you, it's NOT the end of the world". Well I know THAT, so I don't need to repeat that to myself, I'm just going to JUMP.
  14. To do that Jump, I need confidence. So lets say, that because he was with me the whole night, he kinda likes me. So I'll think we have a shot. WHY NOT?!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hello everyone :)
The sun is shining, and later I'll buy the dress of my dreams.
Lovely isn't it??
It's... so vintage and kinda sexy... ! LOVE IT!
I have finally discovered what I had to learn about THAT guy... it's okay to be stood up, nothing TERRIBLE happens. You'll be just fine, and now you know better. You just have to enjoy :) And say COME WHAT MAY!... Tomorrow I'm going to this party, with older guys, and cute ones too. I still don't know what I'll wear, probably skinny jeans a cute top and pumps!

I also learnt that all you need in life (when it comes to guys) is confidence... and FLIRT!... Hahaha, but I always thought that buy being flirty you had to know exactly what you were doing, you know like if you had a plan and some tactics you only had to apply them and BOOM you got results (meaning .... the GUY).
But that's not how IT works, you just have to enjoy. How? Find your style... WHICH is your style??... Maybe you are a bookworm... TALK  about books! Maybe you are a music GURU, work that...!Maybe you love to LAUGH, make THEM laugh with you while YOU enjoy that... TOUCH them, look at them in the eye, joke around them (That's my style).
And maybe the plans you have TODAY for TOMORROW won't work out, but you can still enjoy it now. Like, I'm not 100% sure I'l go to the party tomorrow, because lets face it.. you never really know. BUT I can surely enjoy thinking today what I will wear tomorrow and making the next list:

0-. The day before and before the party (meaning the morning of the party)... were very little makeup, don't do your hair but dress nicely. That way you'll look plain, and you'll sparkle in the party... Not only because, well you actually are looking a bit plain to the others, but because you think you look plain and when you get all dressed up you gain confidence, and that shows. Remember to wear something cute, because you want to look plain, not UGLY.
1-. Do eyebrows
2-. Clean pores
3-. Pedicure
4-. Manicure
5-. Shower
6-. Apply cream all over (Coconut cream... guys go GAGA for it, try this one!: )
7-. Blow dry hair (So it'll be smooth and straight.. but not flat)
8-. Do make up... Ehjm.. THE SMOKEY eye.
9-. Dress.
10-. Jewelry! (Not much though.. just a little sparkle here and there)
11-. Perfume!!! (Vera Wang Princess?)
12-. Look in the mirror and say.. "OMG I'm so pretty"
13-. Ready!

All while listening to nice music... Taylor Swift, Aly Aj, The Band Perry.... 


Monday, 17 October 2011

Hello :)
Ok.. so maybe life isn't always all glitter and sparkles. But you surely learn something about it. 
The guy.. the cutest guy had asked me out for the 5th time.... (long story, lets just say we could never agree to go out), and he was supposed to pick me up (He said he would pick me up, i didn't even suggested a date it was all his idea...), well.. he stood me up.
I feel like crying, but  i think it's sooo not worth it. What would I gain from THAT?!... Nothing.. only fluffy eyes for tomorrow, that's what i would get. NOT COOL.
I even sent him an sms, saying something like "I'm home"... because I come home late, and I don't know... I just wanted to remind him, we were supposed to go out. HE DIDN'T EVEN ANSWER. I hope he is okay, and next time I see him, I will smile at him, but I will NEVER  ever even think about going out with him again. It's just not meant to be.
Maybe it's all my fault, ok.. I'm being a drama queen, I know it CAN'T be all my fault, but I was sooo excited about getting a date/boyfriend for my best friend's wedding. I guess, things are just  the way they should be, and it all happens for a good reason.
So, maybe I'm growing cold, but I won't share a tear. Doesn't matter how sad, or disappointed I am. It's ok. It'll be ok, as always.
So, if you ever find yourself in this situation (I HOPE you will NEVER, ever find yourself here), put on your favorite song :) And look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are, because BELIEVE me you ARE.

And think about the good things in life.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Good morning people :)
Isn't life beautiful?? Yes, yes it is.
Even though yesterday 4 different persons stood me up, I learned that things always happen for the best. Sometimes things aren't what you wish they were, sometimes reality doesn't match with your expectations... But tats your fault for having expectations. Expectations ruin everything, so just ENJOY the NOW, not even the today ONLY now. 
So even though yesterday it was kinda disappointing, it turned out someone BETTER invited me somewhere next week... MAYBE... Well, hopefully it'll happen. But even if it doesn't, let me tell you that  everything happens for a reason, and that reason is ALWAYS a good one.  What I'm trying to say is be open for life, you never know what it might happen. And DON'T try to figure out what will happen. THAT NEVER WORKS.
So I WON'T spend the whole weekend thinking over NEXT weekend, I'll just enjoy the moment. Of course, it's easier said than done, hahaha... I have a way to imaginative mind, and It'll be hard not to think about what I wish will happen.  But I'll try :)
It doesn't matter what will happen, because it HASN'T happened yet. And it doesn't matter what has happened, because it's already gone, so I  think it's OK to think about the past and smile, and let go. Because the ONLY thing you TRULY have is... now.

I recommend you to watch this movie :)  I love it.

And after that, or before.. ahah it doesn't really matter listen to this guy (I don't understand a word... but WOW the feeling he gives me!)

Monday, 10 October 2011

Shyness, insecurities....
Do you have issues with that?.... The solutions is easy. Pretend you're someone else... DON'T pretend to be another person, don't try to be like anyone you know or admire and try to imitate them... No. Just imagine who you want to be... mysterious, bold, sexy...? It's like being an actress. And while you try to be that "character", you'll become the person you want to be. 
Stop being shy,  try to be bold... and you'll enjoy it I PROMISE :)
See the beauty in life... see things differently. It's all about the perspective you have... you may be at same place and feel great or awful... it all depends on how you see it. 

Saturday, 8 October 2011

I'm obsessed with weddings.
Yes, I am, and I don't like it. It's not like I hate them, or that I never want to get married. It's the exact opposite actually. 
The reason? My best friend is getting married. I'm the MAID OF HONOR. Needless to say... I have no IDEA who I should bring to her wedding. Hahaha. There are many guys that have asked me out the last month. Yesterday 3 guys. Needless to say, I declined all their invitations. WHY? I don't know, I just don't get all EXCITED about going out with them. I guess I do like them, as friends but that's it. I don't feel anything for them, and I know... You DON'T  have to feel anything for them... You just NEED to get to know them, better and then perhaps...fall in love, or something?
I know them, I see them everyday in class... But, that's about it, I like them as persons, I have so much fun with them, but... I guess I'm looking for something different. (That's important you NEED to know what you want, because if you don't... then how are you going to get it? AND, probably what you want or look for in a guy... shouldn't be things like "Oh... that he likes the same things I do!", because that depends on him, he should like what he wants... I think, what you should look for in a guy are things like "Is he hard working, is he a good person,  is he reliable, do we have fun together?"... things like that )
I suggest you go out with many guys as you can! That way you'll get a good taste of what's out there, but... in the other hand.. why go out with someone you don't really want to go out with? Sure, you might fall in love... but I think you'll ONLY fall in love if you give them a chance, and you'll only give them a chance if you have a good hunch  about them ;)
Well i have a good hunch about someone, and yes... I have my insecurities... Yes, I'm SCARED it might not work.. (he HAS to call me first so we'll arrange our "date"... or something like that). But same as you... I SHOULDN'T  think about the future... or what might go wrong, or right.  The only thing to do is enjoy the RIGHT NOW. And right now I'm getting inspired to right this blog, and that's about it :)*
So just breath in... and breath out.. forget about where you might or might no go with the guy... and enjoy life as it comes, when it comes.
And don't you ever forget to love yourself, and have time for yourself and make yourself look pretty for YOU and not only for him... trust me if you start paying more attention to YOU... he'll be more attracted to you... Just don't get too caught up in yourself, that is in NO WAY attractive ;) Just like yourself, take care of yourself, make time for yourself and don't be all about him.

Anyway this is my wedding dress...
(I just need to get the groom... no biggie)

Friday, 7 October 2011

I have the answer to your problems.

Ok, I'm not sure I ACTUALLY have the answer. But I can assure you, that the "answer" I will now give you, really works, at least to me, and hopefully to you too.

1) Love YOURSELF. It works for real. Is it easy? Yes. Really??? No.
Truth be told, loving yourself is a very easy thing, you should do it automatically, sadly.... for some unknown reason that isn't as easy as it sounds... You have to work to get there. What I did was YOGA. KUNDALINI YOGA, and amazingly it works... I still don't know much about it,  i just now that for some reason I'm happier, this is true!. And it's like I've opened my eyes and saw the real me and I like it, I like me :)*
And the best part is... others started liking me too! I mean a LOT! Many, many persons started liking me a LOT!
I think you should try it too, because it works for me... but you don't have to. I suggest you find an activity that helps you be in peace with yourself, so you will understand yourself better and start liking and loving YOU.
Then, you'll attract.. I don't know... call it "POSITIVE ENERGY"... or whatever..and then... BOOM! Great things happen. Start feeling it.
It's true :)
Plus seeing your pictures, or looking in the mirror and saying "Wow, I'm pretty" Works too :)*

2) Enjoy love stories, movies and music... but don't let them get to you. Not much, anyway. 
If you see a cute guy in the street, or even everyday at school... and he is so hot you melt... you think you love him. But you don't. You wish you did. But you don't.  Do you even know the guy???
Hey, if he's that hot... then go out together, have fun, get to know each other and THEN, decide if you love him. But ask yourself, does he love YOU? WHAT do you LOVE about him?
Take it easy, but enjoy :D Just don't let romantic music ruin you... because music is like a mantra, and everything you constantly repeat gets in your head... and you head does the rest of the work. So just make sure you ONLY enter nice, positive thoughts in you mind (nothing you DON'T even slightly want to happen).

Note: Sometimes, it's easier to say "Oh, he'll never ask me out" Because you're afraid that might just happen, so you figure you'll be already prepared for it anyway... or because you secretly think that by saying so the exact opposite will happen.  You should think "Oh, maybe he'll ask me out!" or "I think he'll ask me out!" or even better "He'll ask me out", because let's face it.... if your mind does work that idea for you and make it happen... you'll be THRILLED!!!.... and if it doesn't happen... the time while you where feeding your head with positive thoughts. Plus... In life, everything is 50% and 50%... so if by using positive thinking you get a better chance of getting what you want.. why not use it?
How many times have you thought "This thing i wish will happen, will NOT happen"? How many times you did THAT, what you wanted happened?... Not many right?--- See what I mean ;)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ultimate feel good song!!
Ready for a great mood?

Boys, guys, men....
You want one? Ok... it is no supermarket... it's not like "oh I want a boyfriend!", and you go to the market and get one. But, if you want him you can TOTALLY get him! Yes. No kidding. Women have this power, have you ever heard that women are men's weakness? Its true. That is a great power! But with great power comes great responsibilities. So be careful. All you need to do is believe in yourself :) Be happy with yourself and have fun! The next guy you're going to start dating might not be the ONE, but why not... have  a little fun???
I'll give you my very personal steps to get a guy. Actually I'mm still in the process, but I wanted to share it with you anyway, it might help you. At least it seems it is already working for me.

1-. Hang out with guys! They are so much fun, and guys have other guy-friends ;)
2-. Be yourself. Actually while hanging out with guys you'll realize that it is easier to be yourself, than around girls. That's because with them (at least to me) everyone wants to show of and make everything a competence, even if it is not explicit. 
3-.Enjoy the show. Yes... that means let them (guys) sweet talk to you, invite you every weekend.  How? Just be nice to them.... LIFT THEIR EGOS!... It works like a charm!... Just go like  "oh, you look hansom today!"
4-. DON'T go out with guys you do not like. That is no fun. Just tell them "Yeah, we should hang out sometime" and... let it cool off. That way you'll still be friends but they wont have a crush for you. 
5-. Make them believe it's all HIS idea. Wanna go out with a guy???? Ask him how's he been, then say something like "Oh, we haven't seen each other in a while... to bad" and let him say something like "I know, we should meet someday"... DONE. After that say something like, "Sure, when are you free?" and let him decide the date and place! 

I actually made point 5 yesterday!!!! OMG, it worked... I think  :) Now I just hope he'll call.

I hope this works for you (and me).
Best wishes :D* Be positive, and happy... and remember: 
Things are just the way they should be. 

No worries, if it's meant to be it'll happen, if not then it won't. Enjoy, live for the moment!! That is ALL that matters :D*