Friday, 30 September 2011

"You don't need a man. You need a life. " True, true true! Be happy with yourself, do something for yourself! YOU YOU YOU! Once you're OK with the person you are and the life you have everything will fall into place, and yes... Prince Charming will appear, but not to make your life better.... No. Because you'll be already enjoying your life. He'll appear to be part of that life, and you of his. 
Things have a way of finding their own place... so let them find it!... Have you ever wanted something that was just not meant to be? Did it break, did it all turn out wrong??--- Yes. Don't lie, it did. Because it WASN'T meant to be. Don't force things.
Another thing, don't look for your other half... Look for a whole! Yes... why be with a half... a person that needs you, a person that is not complete???? WHY?! Oh why...? Look for a whole person, but first become a whole person yourself... only that way you'll  have a GREAT relationship.
PS: Listen to happy music, read happy thing, be happy... and you'll be surrounded by happiness, and that way you'll clear your mind and things will flow easily :)*

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