Saturday, 12 November 2011

One thing I don’t understand is why do people suffer from love? Isn’t it stupid? Why suffer? You see that all the time in movies: the guy breaks up with her and she stays home for weeks, watching TV and eating ice-cream. Ben & Jerry’s become her new and only men in life.
That’s silly, she shouldn’t be sad while he could be in some bar having fun. She should go on with her life or find someone else who makes her happy. She should embrace what she loves and enjoy every second.
No guy is worth a girl’s tears... The only one who’s worth her tears is the one who knows he could make her cry but would never ever try. One day your prince will come… He just took the wrong turn, got lost and is too stubborn to ask for directions. And if he never appears, which isn’t very likely, the world it’s not going to stop turning. And you’re life will still be on. So make good use of it, in the end all you need is you.
I don't understand why some girls get upset by thinking that they lost the guy they loved when they never actually loved him and he was never theirs. If I were in their place I would like to think that the sun keeps shining, the moon keeps rising, and that I can go on without him.
Ok, so it is kind of hard. What do you do when you finally find someone so nice, someone with whom you can get along so naturally? I once met a really sweet guy, a great friend. The only controversial part was that one of my friends liked him, or at least liked to flirt a bit with him, and that’s all right, everyone likes to flirt from time to time.
But sometimes I got the feeling that he might like her as well. But I wasn’t sure because other times I felt as if he liked me. It was just hard to tell if he liked me or liked me - liked me. That’s the problem with people who are as nice as him: they are nice to everyone and it’s hard to tell who they really like and with whom they are just being polite. I should’ve known the answer, because I consider myself a nice person too, and I haven’t got any problem with anyone so far.
Anyway, I try to be as obvious as I can, so the guy that I like realizes that I like him. But trying as hard as I can is never enough, I must be really shy or a terrible flirt. And the worst is that when I’m nice to someone everyone else starts getting the wrong idea, they believe I like them when it’s not true. And, if I really like someone, well nothing happens. Ever!

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