Thursday, 6 October 2011

Boys, guys, men....
You want one? Ok... it is no supermarket... it's not like "oh I want a boyfriend!", and you go to the market and get one. But, if you want him you can TOTALLY get him! Yes. No kidding. Women have this power, have you ever heard that women are men's weakness? Its true. That is a great power! But with great power comes great responsibilities. So be careful. All you need to do is believe in yourself :) Be happy with yourself and have fun! The next guy you're going to start dating might not be the ONE, but why not... have  a little fun???
I'll give you my very personal steps to get a guy. Actually I'mm still in the process, but I wanted to share it with you anyway, it might help you. At least it seems it is already working for me.

1-. Hang out with guys! They are so much fun, and guys have other guy-friends ;)
2-. Be yourself. Actually while hanging out with guys you'll realize that it is easier to be yourself, than around girls. That's because with them (at least to me) everyone wants to show of and make everything a competence, even if it is not explicit. 
3-.Enjoy the show. Yes... that means let them (guys) sweet talk to you, invite you every weekend.  How? Just be nice to them.... LIFT THEIR EGOS!... It works like a charm!... Just go like  "oh, you look hansom today!"
4-. DON'T go out with guys you do not like. That is no fun. Just tell them "Yeah, we should hang out sometime" and... let it cool off. That way you'll still be friends but they wont have a crush for you. 
5-. Make them believe it's all HIS idea. Wanna go out with a guy???? Ask him how's he been, then say something like "Oh, we haven't seen each other in a while... to bad" and let him say something like "I know, we should meet someday"... DONE. After that say something like, "Sure, when are you free?" and let him decide the date and place! 

I actually made point 5 yesterday!!!! OMG, it worked... I think  :) Now I just hope he'll call.

I hope this works for you (and me).
Best wishes :D* Be positive, and happy... and remember: 
Things are just the way they should be. 

No worries, if it's meant to be it'll happen, if not then it won't. Enjoy, live for the moment!! That is ALL that matters :D* 


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