Monday, 17 October 2011

Hello :)
Ok.. so maybe life isn't always all glitter and sparkles. But you surely learn something about it. 
The guy.. the cutest guy had asked me out for the 5th time.... (long story, lets just say we could never agree to go out), and he was supposed to pick me up (He said he would pick me up, i didn't even suggested a date it was all his idea...), well.. he stood me up.
I feel like crying, but  i think it's sooo not worth it. What would I gain from THAT?!... Nothing.. only fluffy eyes for tomorrow, that's what i would get. NOT COOL.
I even sent him an sms, saying something like "I'm home"... because I come home late, and I don't know... I just wanted to remind him, we were supposed to go out. HE DIDN'T EVEN ANSWER. I hope he is okay, and next time I see him, I will smile at him, but I will NEVER  ever even think about going out with him again. It's just not meant to be.
Maybe it's all my fault, ok.. I'm being a drama queen, I know it CAN'T be all my fault, but I was sooo excited about getting a date/boyfriend for my best friend's wedding. I guess, things are just  the way they should be, and it all happens for a good reason.
So, maybe I'm growing cold, but I won't share a tear. Doesn't matter how sad, or disappointed I am. It's ok. It'll be ok, as always.
So, if you ever find yourself in this situation (I HOPE you will NEVER, ever find yourself here), put on your favorite song :) And look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are, because BELIEVE me you ARE.

And think about the good things in life.

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  1. some guys are real jerks and he sounds like a loser... stylinbrelex