Friday, 14 October 2011

Good morning people :)
Isn't life beautiful?? Yes, yes it is.
Even though yesterday 4 different persons stood me up, I learned that things always happen for the best. Sometimes things aren't what you wish they were, sometimes reality doesn't match with your expectations... But tats your fault for having expectations. Expectations ruin everything, so just ENJOY the NOW, not even the today ONLY now. 
So even though yesterday it was kinda disappointing, it turned out someone BETTER invited me somewhere next week... MAYBE... Well, hopefully it'll happen. But even if it doesn't, let me tell you that  everything happens for a reason, and that reason is ALWAYS a good one.  What I'm trying to say is be open for life, you never know what it might happen. And DON'T try to figure out what will happen. THAT NEVER WORKS.
So I WON'T spend the whole weekend thinking over NEXT weekend, I'll just enjoy the moment. Of course, it's easier said than done, hahaha... I have a way to imaginative mind, and It'll be hard not to think about what I wish will happen.  But I'll try :)
It doesn't matter what will happen, because it HASN'T happened yet. And it doesn't matter what has happened, because it's already gone, so I  think it's OK to think about the past and smile, and let go. Because the ONLY thing you TRULY have is... now.

I recommend you to watch this movie :)  I love it.

And after that, or before.. ahah it doesn't really matter listen to this guy (I don't understand a word... but WOW the feeling he gives me!)

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