Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hi there :)

October 23rd
Ok... so I've been asked out by this guy I REALLY REALLY like. Like, REALLLY!!!!!!!!!!
Mhm, I'm just afraid he'll forget about me or something, because he said we'll meet next week because he has like tons of work to do! I don't like to wait, because I fill my head with all this stupid ideas, but the REAL problem is... I'm afraid he'll stand me up just like the other guy..
I'm not sure what I should do until he calls me (next week maybe.. I don't know when or if he'll call me..!)
But,  I think I should just take it a  step at a time, and enjoy the fact that the guy I like, has asked me out... Because that must mean he likes me or something.. right??

October 27th

I've seen HIM 2 times this week, I know it doesn't sound like it's a LOT, but believe me, IT IS. I haven't seen him since summer and all of the sudden I started meeting him...! Some say it's the POWER of my MIND.  An I'm not sure if I believe THAT, but it is true that I have "decided" I wanted to see him and BOOM, I saw him, and we had a little chit-chat.

What have I learnt this week? I'm not sure haha.  I just have this PEACE within me.
I saw yesterday the guy that stood me up, I even hugged him when I saw him and said hello, he was kinda confused. But I was ok with the situation, I thought I would be sooo angry when I saw him again, but NO. I just didn't care... Of course I would NEVER ever even think about going out with him ever ever again! But I wasn't mad, or upset, or sad... or anything. It felt good.

On the other hand, I don't want to loose hope in guys or love, but I'm starting to take things more calmly. It might work, plus it feels good. I finally understood that thing really DO happen when they should and because they should, so their is REALLY no use in rushing anything.


Of course, I still have that little BUG in my head saying "Go make something happen, you LIKE him! DO something", but I want HIM to be the one to do something for a change, and then again things will happen when they should. Meanwhile I'll keep myself open for what it will come :)

And I'll listen to this playlist:

If This Was A Movie Taylor Swift
You got me                       Colbie Caillat
Today Was A Fairytale       Taylor Swift
Sparks Fly                          Taylor Swift
Jump Then Fall                    Taylor Swift
Fallin' For You                  Colbie Caillat
Superstar                          Taylor Swift
One In This World            Haylie Duff
Love Story                       Taylor Swift
Your Anything                   Taylor Swift
You Belong With Me        Taylor Swift
Fearless                            Taylor Swift
What if                            Colbie Caillat
Bubbly                            Colbie Caillat
Singled Out                     A*Teens
Daydream                      Miranda Cosgrove
Half of My Heart           John Mayer
Hip To My Heart      The Band Perry
Untouchable                Taylor Swift
Things I'll Never Say    Avril Lavigne

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