Friday, 7 October 2011

I have the answer to your problems.

Ok, I'm not sure I ACTUALLY have the answer. But I can assure you, that the "answer" I will now give you, really works, at least to me, and hopefully to you too.

1) Love YOURSELF. It works for real. Is it easy? Yes. Really??? No.
Truth be told, loving yourself is a very easy thing, you should do it automatically, sadly.... for some unknown reason that isn't as easy as it sounds... You have to work to get there. What I did was YOGA. KUNDALINI YOGA, and amazingly it works... I still don't know much about it,  i just now that for some reason I'm happier, this is true!. And it's like I've opened my eyes and saw the real me and I like it, I like me :)*
And the best part is... others started liking me too! I mean a LOT! Many, many persons started liking me a LOT!
I think you should try it too, because it works for me... but you don't have to. I suggest you find an activity that helps you be in peace with yourself, so you will understand yourself better and start liking and loving YOU.
Then, you'll attract.. I don't know... call it "POSITIVE ENERGY"... or whatever..and then... BOOM! Great things happen. Start feeling it.
It's true :)
Plus seeing your pictures, or looking in the mirror and saying "Wow, I'm pretty" Works too :)*

2) Enjoy love stories, movies and music... but don't let them get to you. Not much, anyway. 
If you see a cute guy in the street, or even everyday at school... and he is so hot you melt... you think you love him. But you don't. You wish you did. But you don't.  Do you even know the guy???
Hey, if he's that hot... then go out together, have fun, get to know each other and THEN, decide if you love him. But ask yourself, does he love YOU? WHAT do you LOVE about him?
Take it easy, but enjoy :D Just don't let romantic music ruin you... because music is like a mantra, and everything you constantly repeat gets in your head... and you head does the rest of the work. So just make sure you ONLY enter nice, positive thoughts in you mind (nothing you DON'T even slightly want to happen).

Note: Sometimes, it's easier to say "Oh, he'll never ask me out" Because you're afraid that might just happen, so you figure you'll be already prepared for it anyway... or because you secretly think that by saying so the exact opposite will happen.  You should think "Oh, maybe he'll ask me out!" or "I think he'll ask me out!" or even better "He'll ask me out", because let's face it.... if your mind does work that idea for you and make it happen... you'll be THRILLED!!!.... and if it doesn't happen... the time while you where feeding your head with positive thoughts. Plus... In life, everything is 50% and 50%... so if by using positive thinking you get a better chance of getting what you want.. why not use it?
How many times have you thought "This thing i wish will happen, will NOT happen"? How many times you did THAT, what you wanted happened?... Not many right?--- See what I mean ;)

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