Saturday, 8 October 2011

I'm obsessed with weddings.
Yes, I am, and I don't like it. It's not like I hate them, or that I never want to get married. It's the exact opposite actually. 
The reason? My best friend is getting married. I'm the MAID OF HONOR. Needless to say... I have no IDEA who I should bring to her wedding. Hahaha. There are many guys that have asked me out the last month. Yesterday 3 guys. Needless to say, I declined all their invitations. WHY? I don't know, I just don't get all EXCITED about going out with them. I guess I do like them, as friends but that's it. I don't feel anything for them, and I know... You DON'T  have to feel anything for them... You just NEED to get to know them, better and then perhaps...fall in love, or something?
I know them, I see them everyday in class... But, that's about it, I like them as persons, I have so much fun with them, but... I guess I'm looking for something different. (That's important you NEED to know what you want, because if you don't... then how are you going to get it? AND, probably what you want or look for in a guy... shouldn't be things like "Oh... that he likes the same things I do!", because that depends on him, he should like what he wants... I think, what you should look for in a guy are things like "Is he hard working, is he a good person,  is he reliable, do we have fun together?"... things like that )
I suggest you go out with many guys as you can! That way you'll get a good taste of what's out there, but... in the other hand.. why go out with someone you don't really want to go out with? Sure, you might fall in love... but I think you'll ONLY fall in love if you give them a chance, and you'll only give them a chance if you have a good hunch  about them ;)
Well i have a good hunch about someone, and yes... I have my insecurities... Yes, I'm SCARED it might not work.. (he HAS to call me first so we'll arrange our "date"... or something like that). But same as you... I SHOULDN'T  think about the future... or what might go wrong, or right.  The only thing to do is enjoy the RIGHT NOW. And right now I'm getting inspired to right this blog, and that's about it :)*
So just breath in... and breath out.. forget about where you might or might no go with the guy... and enjoy life as it comes, when it comes.
And don't you ever forget to love yourself, and have time for yourself and make yourself look pretty for YOU and not only for him... trust me if you start paying more attention to YOU... he'll be more attracted to you... Just don't get too caught up in yourself, that is in NO WAY attractive ;) Just like yourself, take care of yourself, make time for yourself and don't be all about him.

Anyway this is my wedding dress...
(I just need to get the groom... no biggie)

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