Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hello everyone :)
The sun is shining, and later I'll buy the dress of my dreams.
Lovely isn't it??
It's... so vintage and kinda sexy... ! LOVE IT!
I have finally discovered what I had to learn about THAT guy... it's okay to be stood up, nothing TERRIBLE happens. You'll be just fine, and now you know better. You just have to enjoy :) And say COME WHAT MAY!... Tomorrow I'm going to this party, with older guys, and cute ones too. I still don't know what I'll wear, probably skinny jeans a cute top and pumps!

I also learnt that all you need in life (when it comes to guys) is confidence... and FLIRT!... Hahaha, but I always thought that buy being flirty you had to know exactly what you were doing, you know like if you had a plan and some tactics you only had to apply them and BOOM you got results (meaning .... the GUY).
But that's not how IT works, you just have to enjoy. How? Find your style... WHICH is your style??... Maybe you are a bookworm... TALK  about books! Maybe you are a music GURU, work that...!Maybe you love to LAUGH, make THEM laugh with you while YOU enjoy that... TOUCH them, look at them in the eye, joke around them (That's my style).
And maybe the plans you have TODAY for TOMORROW won't work out, but you can still enjoy it now. Like, I'm not 100% sure I'l go to the party tomorrow, because lets face it.. you never really know. BUT I can surely enjoy thinking today what I will wear tomorrow and making the next list:

0-. The day before and before the party (meaning the morning of the party)... were very little makeup, don't do your hair but dress nicely. That way you'll look plain, and you'll sparkle in the party... Not only because, well you actually are looking a bit plain to the others, but because you think you look plain and when you get all dressed up you gain confidence, and that shows. Remember to wear something cute, because you want to look plain, not UGLY.
1-. Do eyebrows
2-. Clean pores
3-. Pedicure
4-. Manicure
5-. Shower
6-. Apply cream all over (Coconut cream... guys go GAGA for it, try this one!: )
7-. Blow dry hair (So it'll be smooth and straight.. but not flat)
8-. Do make up... Ehjm.. THE SMOKEY eye.
9-. Dress.
10-. Jewelry! (Not much though.. just a little sparkle here and there)
11-. Perfume!!! (Vera Wang Princess?)
12-. Look in the mirror and say.. "OMG I'm so pretty"
13-. Ready!

All while listening to nice music... Taylor Swift, Aly Aj, The Band Perry.... 



  1. I love this post it's just inspiring xoxo stylinbrelex,