Saturday, 22 October 2011

Things I've learnt this week (YES, only this week...)

  1. I have mastered the art of BEING asked out! Going out? Not so much, but hey it's got to mean something right? I mean,  many guys flirt with me... sadly some have girlfriends and I don't like that. But still, I've been asked to go out a LOT lately... But sometimes I DON'T want to go out with them, and others.. when I ACTUALLY want to go out, something happens and we just can't seem to be able to go OUT!
  2. Guys lie. I don't now if it is on purpose, but they do... or they SIMPLY forget we where supposed to meet.
  3. Guys LOVE smiley and flirty girls!!! Are you scared... to walk to a guy and say "HI"? You shouldn't!! They love it when you do a little chit-chat with them ;) GO FOR IT! 
  4. Don't take the lead!...  I mean.. don't ask him out LET him do all the HARD work! That doesn't mean you shouldn't suggest him he should do all the work.. Because you TOTALLY should!! You know... go talk to him, touch him ;)... make him like you and WAIT. He'll ask you out :)
  5. Don't loose hope, just enjoy the moment. He'll come... I don't know when but he's gotta!
  6. Don't make yourself feel bad, just DON'T. Don't start daydreaming about EVERYTHING that could go wrong! Think about the good things that HAVE happened. 
  8. Don't take guys too seriously, because if you do you might end up hurt. And it will be your fault, because you let them get to you.
  9. I have punished me for sooo long because I don't have a boyfriend. I didn't let myself enjoy each time a  guy asked me out or looked at me or winked an eye. Because I thought it wasn't for real, because I HAD to  have made that up!... I didn't let myself dance to a love song, because I thought I would be disappointed. 
  10. I think I'll give myself a chance to enjoy, not just flirting, but also believing that THIS guy that gives me butterflies when I'm near him, actually likes me back, and something GOOD might happen.
  12. I am HAPPY. I am pretty, and I like myself. And I think it shows.
  13. I'm going to take a chance, and I wont say and repeat what I always say.... "It's ok, if nothing happens between you two, you'll be alright. It won't kill you, it's NOT the end of the world". Well I know THAT, so I don't need to repeat that to myself, I'm just going to JUMP.
  14. To do that Jump, I need confidence. So lets say, that because he was with me the whole night, he kinda likes me. So I'll think we have a shot. WHY NOT?!

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